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Hi, Robert and Carolina, after a long weekend  thinking how can I approach you this is the best way I could come up with in such a short time frame.

I have more then a decade of experience in restauration and costumer service having manage bars before, I know what to look for when it come to what is need it to push a product, to improve costumer experience when it comes to our social networks, and web site, and to expand the costumer pool all together the fastest and more direct way.

For starters I am a skill graphic and web designer so and is something that I put a lot of passion into. Because this started as a hobby and became a business I learn to love what I do.

I am skilled using the adobe platforms such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and After Effects. As Word Press, Muse or Html when it comes to web design.

This helps shorten the chain of production when it comes to change designs, menus, flyers and every form of marketing wether is printed or digital. Do to the fact that the interaction is one on one so your idea gets transmited faster and closest to your needs, with out having to deal with external personal to get the job done, which in time lapsus saves us time.


Throught out the years I have manage to work in different position around a restaurant a bar, from the kitchen staff to head cook, passing to the bar as a mixologist, barista, waitresing tables and management. So I think it will become useful to provide an opinion when it comes to preparation of a new dish, or developing a new menu or new flavours for the season. I constantly try an keep learning more


Right now I am in the work of developing a business blog for Malaga, following the steps of few of my friends throught out Europe, business blogs are an amazing thing now to promote different venues around the city in a fresh and more costumer friendly way.


I think if we build a strong online presence and an active profile on our social media we can be able to reach a lot more people from their travelling point. Being able to reach people from Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Germany and so on, from their travelling origen way even before they land in Malaga, already having the idea to visit us and live the experience of the Malaga cuisine.


With lots of years in the organization of events I am sure we can work on it this year to create great events involving wine tastings, Spanish cuisine seminars, events with the different brands of alcohol and beer all convine with the items in the kitchen to create a complete experience all together. 



Well this is just a little something of what I can do, and what I have learn all this years. The last 5 years been really different, and last year was a big turning point. And I think more then the experience that I can have I will make up for it in hunger for knowledge and tag along someone with the experience that I lack now, for that the future I take the learning and apply it to new projects. I am hard working and I will just love the opportunity to work for a company that has the same vision that I have, and I think that is an important aspect when it comes to wokr to a brand and start a new journey.

Thank you.